Yang Yang Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Movies, Songs & More

Yang Yang Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Movies, Songs & More

Yang Yang


Yang Yang is a famous Chinese actor and TV personality. He was turned to birth on September 09, 1991. He was born in Shanghai, China. His current age is 28 years. He is famous for his roles in television dramas The Whirlwind Girl (2015), The Lost Tomb (2015), LoveO20 (2016), Martial Universe (2018), and movies The Left Year (2015), I Belonged to You (2016), Once Upon a Time (2017).

He started his career in the year 2007 when he was chosen by director Li Shaohong to play the lead role Jia Baoyu in the Drama “The Dream Red Mansions”. He continued to improve his filmography, featuring in many top series such as the Drama “The War Doesn’t Believe in Tears (2012) and Ultimate Conquest (2013) and a romantic series “Flowers of Pinellia Ternata (2013).

He ended his 07 year’s contract with the famous company Rosat Entertainment in 2014.

In 2015, he featured in the film “The Left Year” which was also the debut of the director Alec Su. He performed in the movies as “Xu Yi”. The movie was a box-office success and Yang Yang received positive reviews for his outstanding performance. He made his rankings better and gained “2015 Chinese Reality Show Star Ranking” by performing his top role in travel-reality show Divas Hit the Road. He then performed in the action-adventure drama “The Lost Tomb”. The Lost Tomb was the most-watched web drama of the year.

He then performed in the youth sports drama “The Whirlwind Girl” which gained the highest viewership ratings. At the end of 2015, Yang won several awards such as “The Most Popular TV Actor”, “The Most Anticipated Actor” and “Most Influential Actor”.

In 2016, his song item “Father and Son” in CCTV New Year’s Gala was voted the most popular program. He also starred in the international hit drama “LoveO20” based on Gu Man’s novel. He also released his song “Love is Crazy” to thank his fans. He next starred in the film “I Belonged to You” which was a big success and box-office breakthrough.

In the year 2017, Yang starred in the romantic film “Once Upon a Time” alongside Liu Yifei.





Filmography/Movies List:

  • The Founding of a Party (2011)
  • Joyful Reunion (2012)
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Inspector Fan (2015)
  • The Left Year (2015)
  • I Belonged to You (2016)
  • Once Upon a Time (2017)
  • Vanguard (2020)

Television Series:

  • The Dream of Red Mansions (2010)
  • Melody of Youth (2011)
  • The War Doesn’t Believe in Tears (2012)
  • Refresh 3+7 (2012)
  • Legend of Goddess Luo (2013)
  • Flowers of Pinellia Ternata (2013)
  • Lanterns (2014)
  • Tiny Times (2014)
  • The Four (2015)
  • The Lost Tomb (2015)
  • The Whirlwind Girl (2015)
  • Love O2O (2016)
  • My Adorable Husband (2016)
  • The Chronicles of Town Called Jian (2018)
  • Martial Universe (2018)
  • The King’s Avatar (2019)
  • Glory of the Special Forces (2020)

Awards and Nominations:

  • Most Beautiful New Star
  • New Face
  • Most Attractive Star of the Year
  • Popular TV Actor Award
  • Most Popular Actor
  • Artist of the Year

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