HEC Stops All admissions at Isra University Campuses

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has made the decision to halt the admission process at Isra University due to the ongoing investigation into a fake degree case involving senior officials at the institution. The HEC has immediately stopped the admission process for all disciplines, including medical colleges, at Isra University for the fall semester of 2022.

This decision applies to all admissions at the university’s principal seat in Hyderabad and its locations in Karachi and Islamabad until the crisis is resolved.

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The HEC has taken this action in order to protect the future of thousands of students and prevent them from investing their financial resources in a potentially illegitimate institution. The HEC frequently warns students to avoid taking admissions at illegal or fake universities and regularly updates a list of HEC-recognized institutes on its official website. Any university not included on this list should be considered fake, illegal, and unrecognized by the watchdog organization.

It is crucial for students to be aware of the potential risks associated with enrolling in an unrecognized or illegitimate university. In addition to the financial risks, students may also find themselves unable to transfer credits or obtain valid degrees from such institutions.

By making informed decisions and only enrolling in HEC-recognized institutes, students can ensure that they are investing in a reputable and legitimate education. The HEC’s decision to halt the admission process at Isra University is a step towards protecting the interests of students and ensuring that they receive a high-quality education.